• Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

God forbid if people want to use a sustainable, local fuel — you know wood — to heat their homes. In Hampstead’s view, it is better to ban wood than to ban driving a car which produces far more air pollution and air contaminants than wood. I wonder if there will be backlash against this when TSHTF economically.

Source: Montreal Gazette

Montreal Island’s top elected official responsible for air quality refused to say yesterday whether he plans to emulate tiny Hampstead’s plan to cut winter smog caused by wood smoke.

A new Hampstead bylaw that bans installation of wood stoves or wood-pellet-burning furnaces “is currently under study” by Montreal, said Alan DeSousa, executive committee member for sustainable development.

“We should be making our views known shortly,” he added.

Hampstead’s bylaw also orders that all stoves or furnaces fed by wood and already installed be permanently extinguished within seven years, by Nov. 3, 2015.

The ban covers wood stoves, furnaces fed by pellets, fireplace inserts or similar devices.

Unanimously approved two weeks ago, the bylaw provides two important exceptions:

  • The use of indoor masonry fireplaces not equipped with inserts will remain perfectly legal.
  • The ban explicitly does not apply to barbeques.

Hampstead Mayor William Steinberg said council acted to fight air pollution and discourage fireplace use generally – and without knowing how many residents use wood to heat.

In 2007, the Montreal public health department pegged the number of Montreal Island households with fireplaces or wood stoves at 85,241.

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    > better to ban wood than to ban driving a car which produces far more air pollution and air contaminants than wood.

    Are you sure of this ? 9 hours of heating using wood is the equivalent of a car on the road for 18k km ! And we aren’t talking about the kind of contaminents. Wood are the cause of 80% of smogs in PQ and their ‘small particules’ are the worst contaminent for human health (if you compare with O3,SO2 etc..),7190968&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

  2. Actually, 60% of Montreal’s smog causing pollution comes from cars.

    When you realize 9 hours of burning wood equals 18KM of a car driving, you can see how overwhelming the pollution is from cars. There are millions of KM’s driven in Montreal every year while I doubt there is even 1 million hours of wood burning stoves/furnaces.

    More than anything, it is the perspective of the culture that drives me nuts: don’t dare ever think about reducing car use. Attack all other sources of pollution first before even considering the destructive nature of car use to ourselves and the environment.

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