• Friday, January 02nd, 2009

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)Community Supported Agriculture offers average urban consumers the opportunity to purchase fresh, local and often organic fruits, vegetables and meats directly from farmers.

Here’s how it works: You contract with a CSA farmer to deliver a small fraction of what they produce seasonally. The farm delivers the fresh produce to a central location, or in some cases, directly to your home.

The benefits are that you get fresh food directly from a farmer who you can meet and talk to, and the farm gets to sell at a higher profit margin while developing consumer relationships. The local community supports sustainable family farms. Everybody wins (except the big supermarkets)!

In the Montreal area, there are about 90 farms that participate in CSA programs. To find a CSA farmer that serves your neighborhood in Montreal, visit this page (en francais).

To learn more about CSA’s in Quebec visit: Equiterre

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    Eqiterre is a wonderful resource for finding CSA farms around the island of Montreal. There are other farms, like Ferme du Zephyr, that are not listed on Equiterre’s website and are a great option as well. They are even located ON the island of Montreal!

  2. Thanks for the comment Al! Do you have a web address or phone number for Ferme du Zephyr?

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    You can always email the the farm at Their website is

    As far as I know they are still accepting members for the 2009 season.

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    A word to the wise regarding Al’s comment above. I can tell you from my bad experiences that Ferme de Zephyr is one of the biggest scam jobs on the island of Montreal. Be careful with this CSA farm…

  5. Thanks Mark. What was your experience with Zephyr? I already sent them my deposit check for 2009.

  6. 6

    It’s a shame that Mark had a bad experience with Ferme du Zephyr. Becoming a member of a farm has its risks. I wonder what year he had a membership, because last year, 2008, was a great year with them. I was a member last year and spoke to many other fellow members and we all loved the quality and quantity of the vegetables in the baskets. Their market was always teeming with beautiful produce as well. The farm is beautiful as are the farmers working the land. Great, warm and welcoming people, and I’m returning with them this year.

  7. Good to hear, Al! I’m looking forward to a bountiful 2009!

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