• Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

A local group on Montreal investors, Market Exchange, wants to finance a next generation of businesses that are sustainable. Market Exchange has created a web site called “Challenge Your World” that will host a contest to find the best ideas and offer financing to develop them. They also have a Blog.

How do you know if your idea qualifies for help and financing? According to their web site, the idea must provide:

  1. a positive impact on people
  2. a positive net impact on the environment
  3. strong financial potential

This is simillar to the “triple bottom line” ideal put forward by proponents of sustainable development. It is great to see people who have money to invest promoting this type of “awakened” ventures — whether they be for-profit or not-for-profit. I have an idea of my own, ShareFair, which I am birthing in 2009.

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  1. Sustainability is the key word. I wanted to introduce to you the efforts that Valcent is putting towards helping local communities become self-sufficient and sustainable. We have successful accomplished vertical farming. Vertical farming, or growing, allows local fresh produce to come froma short distance away into your home, allowing less transit costs, fresher and healthier produce, and less pollution being put into our earth.
    Please come and visit the company’s blog ( and see what developments are happening as well as our recent feature in TIME magazine.,9171,1865974,00.html

    Jessica Brock

  2. Unfortunately Jessica, Valcent’s vertical farming idea is NOT sustainble. It simply replaces water and space for fossil fuels. As the Time magasize article points out, “That’s the main drawback: construction and energy costs would probably make vertically raised food more costly than traditional crops.”

    It’s good to start thinking about growing food closer to urban centers. However, there is plenty of good farm land that was paved over to make way for suburban sub-divisions. I believe those suburban cul-du-sacs will get transformed back into into farms before we ever start to build sky scrapers of farms in our cities.

  3. 3

    As the president of a consulting firm and the author and owner of The Green Market I have come to understand that there are different solutions that work in different contexts. We need to balance our idealism with pragmatic solutions. These are the kinds of issues I address in The Green Market ( My blog provides information and resources for people seeking to help Green to grow, it covers topics from CleanTech investments to the Obama Effect and includes a comprehensive Green Link Library.

    Best Regards,

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