• Sunday, June 28th, 2009

This is what Brian O’Leary Ph.D., a former Princeton professor in astrophysics and NASA astronaut, fervently believes is possible for us and our planet. After hearing his 45 minute Free Energy lecture (right-click to download 38 MB file) on Saturday at the “After the Darkness, Dawns a New Light Conference”, I believe him, too.

For those unfamiliar with the term “Free  Energy”, it is energy derived from a source that violates one of the core principles of modern science, specifically thermodynamics: that energy cannot be created, it  can merely flow from one place to another or change from one form into another.

The most well-known case of Free energy is “cold fusion”. In 1989, two scientists from Utah claimed to have discovered cold fusion which is when two hydrogen atoms combine to form a helium atom. The resulting “fusion” of the atoms releases far more energy than the energy required to create the fusion.

Their claims were forcefully rebuked, but Dr. O’Leary claims that M.I.T. and other institutions fudged data to discredit the discovery. Recently, 60 Minutes examined cold fusion 20 years later and showed that the original cold fusion experiment did produce “free energy”.

The concept of Free Energy is a radical one – far more radical than windmills or solar panels. If you can imagine free energy, you can then imagine a completely different world where scarcity no longer exists and we can all live sustainably. Imagine…

For further reading, I highly recommend his book, “The Energy Solution Revolution” which is a very easy read that tackles all sides of the Free Energy concept: energy politics, control over society, science, spirituality, alternative energy, environmentalists, climate change, academics, flying pigs, the oil cartel, conspiracy theories and much more.

As you can hear in this lecture, Dr. O’Leary is extremely articulate and well-spoken. His book is equally a pleasure to read, particularly if you like to imagine a better tomorrow.

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