• Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

The City of Montreal unveiled the winning design for 400 new sustainable bus shelters to be built over the next year throughout the city. Features of the winning design from the firm of LeBlanc & Turcott include:

  • Solar panels for lighting
  • A self-supporting structure
  • Modular design for various sizes

Sustainable Bus Shelter

Source: Bustler

Drawing inspiration from the STM’s newly minted brand signature, “Mouvement collectif,” the design proposal by Leblanc + Turcotte + Spooner offers a modular, scalable solution. Featuring a self-supporting structure, the concept enables the manufacturing of base models, with the possibility of joining several units together to create variable-size configurations that can accommodate larger or smaller numbers of users.

The design features a communications column, which could house various components including dynamic digital displays and backlit advertising posters. An integrated solar power system will ensure lighting of shelters that cannot be connected to the power grid.

The jury was especially impressed with the potential for integration and modular construction afforded by the winning team’s proposal. In a statement, jury co-chairs Denise Vaillancourt, Executive Director, Planning, Marketing and Communications, STM, and Gilles Saucier, architect and partner in the firm Saucier + Perrotte, noted: “This preliminary design offers a comprehensive array of solutions to the complex problems with which the competing designers were presented. The concept incorporates current technologies, and meets the STM’s comfort and safety requirements.”

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  1. 1
    Paul Robert 

    This was a very nice contest, a nice initiative from STM and city officials.

    You can also see one of the other 4 runner-up concept on this link below:

    What do you think? It shows some similarities…

    By the way, congratulation to every one for the good work and lets see what will happen next!

  2. The fact that were starting to make more sustainable choices in city structures makes me proud to be a Montrealer!
    The design is extremely well executed.

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