• Thursday, February 04th, 2010

Update, July 31, 2012: Please see Chris’ request (below the article in the Comments section) for a venue to introduce his new book and film on the subject of Green Spirituality.


Sunday February 7th, 7pm, at Mainfilm. More details below:

The Resilience Cycle aims to inform citizens about the issues raised by peak oil and climate change, and to help them take concrete action to help Montreal become more “resilient” in the face of future challenges. The purpose of this fifth evening will be to provide you tools to spread the word around you: family, neighbours, elected officials, community organizations…
  • How to talk about peak oil and convince others that this issue will impact us very soon?
  • How to discuss climate change and its consequences for Montreal?
  • What is the Transition Town movement, which offers a response to these issues – a movement created by citizens for their community? It is based on facts, focuses on concrete action, and most importantly, is also fun and inclusive!
  • How can we find inspiration in the Transition Town movement to launch initiatives in various areas of Montreal, in order to reduce our dependence on oil and better resist the shocks of the near future?
We are inviting to this evening all the folks who want to take action and start initiatives in their neighbourhood, in preparation for the challenges we will face very soon: limited energy supply (in particular gasoline, whose price will go up), more expensive food, challenging of the current road transportation system – and therefore of the way and price at which we bring food and items to Montreal stores… As well as the risk that our communities rise against each other, and that governments be even less able to protect the most vulnerable citizens.

Where: Main Film – Saint-Laurent subway
4067 Saint-Laurent in Montreal
When: Sunday February 7, at 7pm.

Free entrance – Donations welcome
Bring your mug!

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  1. Hallo,
    my name is Chris Philpott from England. I am in the transition movement and member of Transition town ( I am chair of the education group. I have just made a movie about sustainability in Leamington. I am looking for someone to host a talk in Montreal between 15th and 18th September as I am touring North America offering talks on Green Spirituality.(see schedule below) and have delivered one to the Coventry group. If you know anyone in the cities who might want to host a talk on Green Spirituality please get back to me at Details of me and the book and my travels are below. Thanks
    Best Wishes
    Chris PhilpottGreen spirituality is a book for our times. It explores the relationship between spiritual values and the current global environmental problems and world poverty. It outlines 12 ancient and modern spiritual traditions and shows how their teachings can guide us out of our present crisis. It provides up to date and easily accessible information on the causes and effects of climate change, water shortages, food shortages, species loss, air pollution , waste and world poverty. Published by Authorhouse. See
    About the Author
    Green Spirituality author Chris Philpott is fascinated with Nature and feels concerned for the Planet, our home, which humankind seems intent on destroying. Why are we so self destructive, asks Chris. To get answers, he set off to Africa and on to India to talk with some of its wisest to gain from their wisdom on how we can address these crucial issues facing us humans today.
    The germ for the project came to Chris in 1972 when he learned about the then famous Club of Rome report Limits to Growth, the first to highlight the impacts of a consumer society and to warn of the impossibility of unlimited growth within a finite system.
    Chris’s involvement as educator activist in the green movement goes back 30 years. Chris is a regular campaigning organiser and participant in local and national issues as wide ranging as climate change and recycling as well as an initiator in biodiversity projects with children, local grow-your-own, local exchange trading or LETS, the local Transition Town as well as meditation, inter-faith and green spirituality groups. He has carried out projects in schools to promote the work of Agenda 21.
    He has given talks on Green Spirituality for many years on a local and national level at UK Green Party national conferences, the Big Green Gathering, the Climate Camps, the Campaign against Climate Change Forums, the Glastonbury festival , Transition Town groups , Inter-faith groups and churches.
    Other hats Chris wears include workshop leader, public speaker, musician and classic clown with which he entertains youngsters.
    His research for Green Spirituality took 13 years and included visits to a UN
    conference in Johannesburg and a countrywide tour of India where he spent
    time with 130 spiritual leaders from Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Muslim, Christian and
    Buddhist traditions whose wise words are woven throughout the book.
    New York Tuesday 4th to Wed 12th Sept
    Boston Thursday 13th to Friday 14th Sept
    Montreal Sat 15th to Tues 18th Sept
    Ottawa Wed 19th to Friday 21st Sept
    Toronto Sat 22nd to Tues 25th Sept
    Buffalo Wed 26th Sept
    Philadelphia Thurs 27th Sept to Monday 1st Oct
    Washington Mon 1st to Fri 5th Oct
    Atlanta Sun 7th to Wed 10th Oct
    New Orleans Wed 10th to Sat 13th Oct
    Chicago Wed 17th to Tues 23rd Oct
    Denver Wed 24th to Fri 26th Oct
    Sacramento Mon 29th Oct
    Seattle Wed 31st Oct to Sun 5th Nov
    Vancouver Mon 6th to Sat 10th Nov
    San Francisco Mon 12th to Tues 20th Nov
    Los Angeles Wed 21st to Mon 25th Nov

    Tel:01926 335736

  2. Hi Chris,
    The movie sounds great. I won’t be available to host a screening. When you have a location and date secured, send me a press release with a YouTube preview clip and I can Blog about it here.
    Mark at

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