• Monday, July 05th, 2010

Understanding the natural alternatives to corporate medicine is essential for sustainability. Governments want to control and restrict our access to natural products like soap, vitamins, essential oils, and herbs to make us dependent on pharmaceuticals. For more on this, see Codex Alimentarius below, a documentary narrated by Judi Dench.

Pharmaceutical remedies have their secrets in plants, of which we are excluded from knowing about. Let’s reconnect to the secret medicinal properties of plants, not inside a doctor’s office or laboratory, but outside in the environment of a yard, wildlife habitat, where the plant lives. We will prepare and learn about the origins of medicine and the secrets of plant healing from what is growing live.

WHERE?? **745 Rue Gratton (Du Collège metro + 8 minutes walk)

WHEN?? starting from July 4th, for the whole month of July 2010. Harvest of motherwort (leonurus cardiaca) limited to July 4th, 5th 6th 2010. time to be determined with participants

WHAT?? All of July, yarrow, lemon balm and other plants will be made into herbal tea, tinctures and more…

Cost: 10 – 30$ sliding scale + cost of alcohol and containers or you can also bring your own alcohol and containers (alcohol: vodka, gin, sambuka, or any hard liquor, that is 40 proof)

For more information and to reserve your place, call or email Nicole Fournier, 514-747-9857

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  1. Oh, don’t be silly. If we are “excluded from knowing about” plants, how could this course exist?

    If doctors, hospitals and dentists have nothing to offer that yarrow tea does not, then why do people survive heart attacks better when they can get to a hospital quickly? Why do we get our teeth cleaned and cavities filled, in addition to brushing and flossing? Why have we stopped dying of smallpox?

    I couldn’t watch the whole ridiculous video, but it seems to be about the “health freedom movement,” which is about the freedom of quacks to lie about what they sell. It seems to be ok for “health freedom movement” folks for people to lie about the effectiveness of homeopathy, for instance; Big (or Medium or Small) Supplement can lie about their products all they like; it’s just Big Pharma that shouldn’t lie.

    Personally, I think that nobody should be lying. And I appreciate that there are penalties for lying about what you sell.

    It’s perfectly possible to promote knowledge of local herbs without conspiracy mongering. So do.

  2. Allison,
    Thanks for your comment. There is a huge motive for pharma corporations to lead information campaigns against natural remedies and for their own solutions. This isn’t a conspiracy, just good business practice.

    Once you can see this for what it is, many natural solutions to maintaining your health come to the fore. Unfortunately once you are sick and have a decayed tooth or a rotten heart, it is too late and the man-made “solutions” will “fix” you.

    The point of this Blog is Sustainability, or self-sufficiency. Big pharma and Western medicine, in general, encourage dependence through reliance on medicine and doctors to fix us. Sustainability of one’s health empowers the individual to take care of oneself with a little help from natural remedies.

    As an example, I encourage you to take a look and the Weston Price foundation which shows that a diet of natural, raw foods keeps teeth healthier than any dentist or toothpaste. This is the type of Live Medicine we could all use.

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