• Wednesday, July 07th, 2010

I seem to be on an anti-corporate rant this week. However, I thought that this article from Chris Hedges nicely summarizes why we are interested in sustainability. It is the same reason why we are drawn to search for solutions to a life of products and services that corporations tell us are convenient and comfortable. There’s something wrong with that life: nature is missing and this article explains it well.

Source: Common Dreams

Defy nature and it obliterates the human species. The more we divorce ourselves from nature, the more we permit the natural world to be exploited and polluted by corporations for profit, the more estranged we become from the essence of life. Corporate systems, which grow our food and ship it across country in trucks, which drill deep into the ocean to extract diminishing fossil fuels and send container ships to bring us piles of electronics and cloths from China, have created fragile, unsustainable man-made infrastructures that will collapse. Corporations have, at the same time, destroyed sustainable local communities. We do not know how to grow our own food. We do not know how to make our own clothes. We are helpless appendages of the corporate state. We are fooled by virtual mirages into mistaking the busy, corporate hives of human activity and the salacious images and gossip that clog our minds as real. The natural world, the real world, on which our life depends, is walled off from view as it is systematically slaughtered. The oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico is one assault. There are thousands more, including the coal-burning power plants dumping gases into our atmosphere that are largely unseen. Left unchecked, this arrogant defiance of nature will kill us.

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    Josh Fuhrman 

    That sums it up pretty well I think. I am grateful every day that I have a girlfriend who is a seamstress and fashion designer who knows how to make clothing from scratch. I’m interested myself in urban gardening but do not have a yard or garden. Any contacts or info you might have of individuals or groups in the Montreal area who are active in reclaiming and rehabilitating unused city greenspace for gardening would be appreciated. I’m a novice grower but have have the muscle and the drive. Great site by the way!

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    Thanks Josh! For urban gardening and food growing, Action Communiterre is a great local organization that has a number of community gardens in Montreal. I work in the “Phoenix” garden on Saturday mornings although I hardly do any work! You get lots of training, if you want it and muscle power is always appreciated.

    Also, check out Equiterre

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