• Monday, November 15th, 2010

Sustainable HomesThis seems strange coming from Southern California, one of the most unsustainable areas in North America, but this is an offering for the richest of Orange county including Newport Beach and Huntington Beach. These folks can afford the high up-front costs of sustainable homes.

Source: Permaculture Properties

Green is great, but thinking about how the actions we make today will echo into the future is something we’re not doing nearly enough of. Worshiping resource intensive technologies instead of following nature’s path to abundance.

It’s not all that smart to ship flooring with a thin veneer of bamboo from a distant location to cover your living room floor that won’t last more than a decade instead of harvesting a much more durable, local wood or stone that will out live yourself. These are the short sided, reactionary decisions that we’re hoping to influence. We feel the ideas associated with permaculture are the most efficient and appropriate way to define the change that’s needed in our community.

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  1. Saw a few links come through on my analytics from this web-site. Thank you so much for mentioning us! It’s not easy staying positive down here in Orange County when it comes to sustainability, but hopefully our efforts and ideas are growing.

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    margaret kwok 

    I like your thoughts… thanks

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