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• Wednesday, November 30th, 2011


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• Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Get them while they are hot off the press…you're not my boss earth tshirt

Source: Cafe Press

Available in many colors, including:

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• Tuesday, November 08th, 2011

In the name of corporate profits, jobs and economic growth, products like light bulbs, automobiles, clothing and computers are designed to break. This is known as planned obsolescence.

The documentary below, The Lightbulb Conspiracy, is an interesting story about the real conspiracy between light bulb manufacturers in the 1930′s to limit the life span of bulbs to 1,000 hours. During the Depression, one Congressman even tried to make planned obsolescence the law of the United States. Well meaning, but insane.

For us to live sustainably, the things we make or buy for ourselves need to maximize their useful lifespan. This holiday season, buying quality second hand gifts at sites like is a good way to keep useful items out of landfill and in the hands of someone who will love them.

• Sunday, November 06th, 2011

It is humorous and even a bit sad that I need to comment on the importance of the Rule of Law for creating a sustainable community. When one set of rules apply to 99% of people but not to the most powerful 1%, you have a recipe for social discord and ultimately social destruction.

We sit in the uncomfortable moment when the old social system is breaking down. This system granted immunity to the top 1% from the Rule of Law (MF Global is the latest example). Whatever system(s) replaces this corrupt, old system, we need to remember the importance of the Rule of Law or else we shall see a repeat of social injustice and an unsustainable culture.

Source: Ann Barnhardt

I have talked to several cattle industry contacts who had accounts with MF Global. They have been calling me looking for guidance and assurance that everything is going to be okay and that they are going to be made whole. Sadly, for me to tell them any such thing would be boldfaced lying on my part. And so I tell them the truth.

As of this writing, the amount of customer segregated funds that are missing and have been stolen from MF Global customers stands at a staggering $1.5 Billion, more than double the initial estimate from Monday of $700 million. I will not be the least bit surprised if the $1.5 Billion figure is ultimately revised up even more…

…People are honestly trying to justify MF Global and Corzine’s theft by stating that FCMs have sure had it rough these past two years because they have made no money on interest. Uh, like that is some sort of an excuse for STEALING CUSTOMER FUNDS?

As I laid out earlier this week, MF had some seriously inflated margin requirements. It appears that Corzine did this because he viewed the excess cash in the customer segregated accounts as “interest-free capital”. Why borrow money from a bank at interest when you can use your customers’ money interest free? Who cares if it is illegal? You’re Jon Effing Corzine. You are Barry Obama’s top Wall Street fundraiser. The laws don’t apply to YOU.

• Saturday, November 05th, 2011

Quebec CSA drop off pointsSource: Equiterre

A farmer’s basket full of healthy, locally grown vegetables, delivered directly to your workplace once a week? Find out how easy it is to host a drop-off point for the Quebec community supported agriculture (CSA) network.

Our family farmer program, started in 1995, provides food to an estimated more than 30,000 people each year. It helps Quebecers adopt a sustainable diet, and encourages local farmers.

Ingredients for a healthy workplace

We can help you set up a drop-off point in your workplace. Many hospitals, businesses and academic institutions already have a family farmer, including, in 2010, RONA, Standard Life, CHUL, Demix and Ubisoft.

Simply follow the steps outlined in our set-up guide to establish a relationship with a family farmer.

For more information, contact our community supported agriculture (CSA) team at 514 522-2000, ext. 295 (toll free, 1 877 272-6656) or by email at

• Thursday, November 03rd, 2011

Since 1989, when Pons and Fleishman were discredited from their work with cold fusion, this technology has gone largely underground. But it may have a second life – if the U.S. DARPA doesn’t quash it first.

Source: Wired U.K.

Against all the odds, Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat cold fusion power plant passed its biggest test yesterday, producing an average of 470 kilowatts for more than five hours. (A technical glitch prevented it from achieving a megawatt as originally planned). The demonstration was monitored closely by engineers from Rossi’s mysterious US customer, which was evidently satisfied and paid up.

The energy was output in the form of heat, measured by the quantity of water boiled off. The results are reported in NyTeknik and Pure Energy Systems News, who both had reporters present for the test. Associated Press also sent a correspondent who should be filing a story in the next few days (one suspects his editors might have some questions)…

The successful test should pave the way for further work at the University of Bologna, and more contracts with the enigmatic customer. NyTeknik did discover one possible clue to their identity. The customer’s controller, one Domenico Fioravanti, apparently reports to a man whose title is “Colonel”. This suggests that the mystery customer might be DARPA, the Pentagon’s extreme science wing which, as has previously noted, has expressed interestin Rossi’s work — but which might not be quite ready to explain to its political masters why it spent millions on a cold fusion device.

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• Tuesday, November 01st, 2011

Montreal Garbage (could be compost)

The pressing reality of living on an island is that land is a finite resource and eventually we run out of space to put our garbage. Transforming some of our garbage to fuel and soil is one step toward sustainability.

If you don’t want to wait for the city to get its ducks in a row, you can start composting today.

Source: Montreal Gazette

Quebecers have a growing garbage problem. Landfill sites are filling up, and the rotting garbage in them can leach contaminants into groundwater and produce a gas composed of methane and carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

Quebecers produce about 810 kg of garbage per person every year, but the province wants to get that down to 700 kg by 2015. One of the biggest components of our garbage is organic materials. An estimated 44 per cent of the garbage we produce every year could be composted. As part of the garbage diet it has planned for Quebecers, the province has banned organic waste – including food waste – from landfills by 2020…

…Green waste can also be transformed into natural gas through a process called biomethanation, but no food waste is now being transformed into biofuels in Quebec, according to Récyc-Québec…

..After two years of scouting for locations, the city has chosen four sites it thinks are suitable for building compost-treatment centres. Under the city’s plan, biogas plants would be built in Montreal East and LaSalle, and composting centres in St. Michel and Dorval. They would handle organic waste from across the island, reducing the number of trucks carrying garbage off the island to landfills.

The plan is for compost collection to be in place for all buildings on the island with eight units or less by 2014, city officials said. Yard and food waste would be collected in the same bin on the western half of the island; on the eastern end there would be separate collections of food and yard waste.