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• Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Geodesic GreenhouseWouldn’t it be great to extend the growing season from 3 months to 10 or 11 months? What if there were a way to garden year-round OUTSIDE without building an expensive greenhouse?

There is a way and the answer is lying in the middle of the St. Laurence river: the Buckminister Fuller designed Biosphere.  The structure of the dome mimics the Platonic solids and sacred geometry found throughout nature, including our bodies.

The geodesic dome is an amazing design because it is very strong and yet light. It needs no permanent foundation and thus could be easily moved to another site, if required.

Source: Growing Spaces

While winter winds & snow sweep the length and breadth of the ranch at Hummingbird Living School, inside the dome it’s a cozy 65º and rising as the morning sun shines into the translucent geodesic greenhouse.

Our 42-foot dome was erected in four days, but that was only the beginning.  It’s an ongoing community effort to set up the water tank, build the loft and haul many wheelbarrows of rich soil into the structure for the beds.  And we love it all! The peripheral ring of beds is complete and already home to tender sprouting plants.”

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• Thursday, January 05th, 2012

The current economic system is one where the 99% compete against each other while the 1% enjoy the show and collect interest. This is also known as “divide and conquer” — guess who has been divided and conquered?

Our banking system institutes the desire to “beat” our neighbor in the economic game. We are taught very early that competition is healthy and required for a well-functioning free market. Money is a zero-sum game where if I win, my neighbor must lose. But this isn’t true if you control the money supply.

If you can create money from thin air, there is no need to compete. You just create more money and this is exactly what the central banking system does. It doesn’t worry about competition because they have none!

Other economic models are possible, like Altruistic Economics, and now is the time to wake up and see that the current system is bankrupt and unsustainable.

This video is a fantastic history of 12,000 years of economics boiled down to 25 minutes. In the end, we have the power to break free, if we have the courage to leave the prison which has become our home. The doors are wide open, only if we dare leave…

Source: Chaos Computer Club

This whistlestop re-telling of world economic history squeezes 12,000 years of history into 18 slides. Its focus is the changing nature of money and the rise of the monied class in US and Europe.

It outlines how the modern system of banking was instituted, how international organising allowed the power of the rich to gradually eclipse that of national governments, how war was managed for profit, and how the super-rich set about using the organs of the state in an effort to secure their position of control.