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• Sunday, December 04th, 2011

You’ve seen them in the supermarket. My son is asking for one: Over-packaged advent calendars with non-fair trade chocolate inside.

Is there a way to save this tradition from commercialism? Yes!

Source: QuietFish

Check out this matchbox advent calendar. Amazing huh? Alas, at the time I was planning this all out I was stuck at home with no way of obtaining the requisite number of matchboxes. I then tried making my own origami matchbox/slide box, but they wouldn’t have been nearly as stable as the version that used authentic matchboxes. And then there was the issue of the time it would take to fold my own… it would have taken me weeks.

Other ideas I was kicking around:

Ones with with felt pockets like the one shown here.

And then there’s this one … slightly different and v.v.cute.

You can make an advent calendar out of paper cones, and inverted cones.

There’s the cookie sheet advent calendar (cute, I guess, but I can’t get past the cookie sheet thing…) Oh, and speaking of magnets, there’s this one, that can be affixed to a magnet board. Gorgeous huh?

Anyway, there are a lot of great ideas out there. (If you start googling you will be sucked into a vortex you might not be able to get out of, so consider yourself warned.) But I was considering an idea posted on the now-defunct Kiddley. What could be simpler than paper envelopes? This was something I could manage.

Research Credit: Equiterre

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• Saturday, October 01st, 2011

Open HouseSource: Centre for Sustainable Development

The eight member organizations of the Centre for Sustainable Development invite the public to a week-long open house at their brand new green building in the heart of Montreal’s revamped entertainment district, the Quartier des spectacles.

If you care about such issues as clean transportation, climate change, micro-credit or fair trade, you won’t want to miss it.

Schedule of activities