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• Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Montreal could use an urban farm school that combines all these skills like permaculture, beekeeping, Aquaponics, composting and seed saving all into one curriculum.

Source: Occupy Monsanto

Growing Our Local Food Infrastructure: Urban Farm School Opens in Asheville NC (via http://www.occupymonsanto360.org)

By Brett Gustafson Though it sometimes seems like our evil frankenfood corporate overlords, such as Monsanto and Dow, have completely hi-jacked our food system, many people around the nation are actually creating more sustainable and viable alternatives. A few good folks in Asheville, NC are bringing…

• Thursday, April 07th, 2011

In order to help you out with your gardening, The Coop Maison Verte has organised a series of workshops related to gardening techniques, local food and food conservation for April and May. They are all free, bilingual, and will all take place at the coop, 5785 Sherbrooke street West.

  • Seed saving April 13th with Nel Ewanè, agr. Msc. from Action Comuniterre 7 to 9 pm
  • Beekeeping workshop April 14th with Alain Péricard from Rucher Apis 7 to 9 pm
  • Community Farming information session April 15th with Dave Merson from Ferme Mange-tout 7 to 9pm
  • Compost 101 May 2nd with Julieta from Eco-Quartier NDG 7 to 9pm
  • Green Smoothie workshop May 3rd with Ildiko Brunner from Raw in Montreal 7 to 9:30pm
  • Vermi composting workshop May 10th with Philippe Robillard from Pousse-menu 7 to 9pm
  • Sprouting and fermentation workshop May 12th with Philippe Robillard from Pousse-menu 7 to 9pm

For more info contact:

Stéphanie Guico
Coordinatrice du marketing | Marketing coordinator
514 489 8000

• Friday, February 18th, 2011

You can be pleasantly surprised how much knowledge and expertise lives in your neighborhood.

Source: COCo

NDG Skill Share Gathering – Saturday February 26th, from 12 – 4pm at the NDG Food Depot, 2121 Oxford Ave (corner de Maisonneuve)

Éco-quartier NDG and the NDG Food Depot are teaming up to offer a sharing of practical skills to live more happy, creative, and sustainable lives. Learning is plentiful, everywhere, and need not come with price tags or expert degrees. We are all teachers. We are all students. We want to live with enthusiasm, so let us learn with vigor! Coming together as a community, we discover there is a wealth of knowledge and talent waiting to be shared.

The theme for this skill share is ‘Lets Do It Ourselves’ – as a community creating a sustainable environment, learning to reduce our expenses, and having fun together! Come one, come all, the curious, the enthusiasts, the students and the teachers!

Some examples of workshops being offered: fun with wild fermentation, sprouting, vermicomposting, make your own herbal salve, learn a natural beauty care from your grocery bag and much much more! Please register at ecoquartier@gmail.com or call 514 486-2727.