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• Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

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• Monday, September 13th, 2010

Oil-soaked Protesters Demand Sustainable EnergyDemanding sustainable energy solutions from large, multi-national energy corporations is like  demanding humane treatment at Abu Ghraib prison. Good luck with that.

We believe change will come from below in the form of micro changes and small scale innovations. When millions make changes in their daily energy consumption habits (driving less and eating locally), it will force corporations to change if they want to stay in business.

From windmills to solar panels to zero-point energy, the future of energy is smaller, decentralized systems that work together in intelligent networks where everyone is an energy producer and energy consumer.

Think of it like the Internet. It doesn’t work because large corporations created it and run it. The Internet works because of peer-based sharing and protocols that allow anyone to tap it, connect to it and contribute to it. Most people are content consumers and producers. The future of energy will be similar, although the specific technologies and protocols are still unclear.

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Criticizing the provincial Quebec government for inviting oil companies to the five-day World Energy Congress at the sprawling Palais de Congres, the protestors demanded a sustainable energy future. Many protesters covered in molasses staged a “Black Tide Beach Party,” while dozens of others carried banners that read “Too dirty, too risky, go beyond oil.” Many protesters showed their anger at the BP oil spill, but the protest targeted the oil industry as a whole.

The Montreal 2010 Congress expected nearly participants from industry, government and academia to understand energy issues and solutions from a global perspective. The protesters saw the demonstration as a great way to raise the issue of oil spill, ahead of a global gathering of energy experts.

• Sunday, June 28th, 2009

This is what Brian O’Leary Ph.D., a former Princeton professor in astrophysics and NASA astronaut, fervently believes is possible for us and our planet. After hearing his 45 minute Free Energy lecture (right-click to download 38 MB file) on Saturday at the “After the Darkness, Dawns a New Light Conference”, I believe him, too.

For those unfamiliar with the term “Free  Energy”, it is energy derived from a source that violates one of the core principles of modern science, specifically thermodynamics: that energy cannot be created, it  can merely flow from one place to another or change from one form into another.

The most well-known case of Free energy is “cold fusion”. In 1989, two scientists from Utah claimed to have discovered cold fusion which is when two hydrogen atoms combine to form a helium atom. The resulting “fusion” of the atoms releases far more energy than the energy required to create the fusion.

Their claims were forcefully rebuked, but Dr. O’Leary claims that M.I.T. and other institutions fudged data to discredit the discovery. Recently, 60 Minutes examined cold fusion 20 years later and showed that the original cold fusion experiment did produce “free energy”.

The concept of Free Energy is a radical one – far more radical than windmills or solar panels. If you can imagine free energy, you can then imagine a completely different world where scarcity no longer exists and we can all live sustainably. Imagine…

For further reading, I highly recommend his book, “The Energy Solution Revolution” which is a very easy read that tackles all sides of the Free Energy concept: energy politics, control over society, science, spirituality, alternative energy, environmentalists, climate change, academics, flying pigs, the oil cartel, conspiracy theories and much more.

As you can hear in this lecture, Dr. O’Leary is extremely articulate and well-spoken. His book is equally a pleasure to read, particularly if you like to imagine a better tomorrow.

• Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

This is a really cool idea. Maybe they can help us organize a development in the Montreal area.

Via: Carbon Busters

Carbon Busters® is excited to announce the design and development of the first ever Carbon Busters® village, a zero carbon sustainable community just outside the City of Edmonton. The intent is to design and develop a pilot sustainable community with a zero carbon environmental impact that will showcase innovative green systems for water, grey water, waste treatment, power generation and green living practices with a focus on research and education for sustainable development. A number of design charrettes have been planned for the coming months that aim to achieve best practice for the village.

With the help of sustainable building & community experts from six countries, and specialists from provincial and municipal departments, Carbon Busters has developed a truly cutting-edge sustainable community design. Some of the features include:

• 256 zero carbon buildings
• Solar heating, solar hot water and solar electrical systems
• Community utility grid-tied wind power
• Early Childhood to Grade 12 sustainable school
• Community food production infrastructure
• Innovative systems for water conservation
• Community green transportation system