Bread Making Workshop

Do you like bread? Do you like eating bread? Do you like making bread? Would you like to learn how to make very easily your own delicious, healthy and inexpensive bread? If you answered yes to at least two of the above questions then do we have the workshop for you! The Montreal Permaculture Guild is […]

Washable Cloth Diapers

For those 1st time parents, or to veteran parents looking to take care of babies in a more sustainable way, buying and using cotton, cloth diapers is probably the #1 way to reduce your weekly land fill (garbage) bag. Disposable diapers take an estimated 500 years to decompose. Additionally, it takes up huge amounts of […]

Improved Commuter Rail Service To The West Island

Looking at the affluent West Island demographics, it is strikingly similar to Philadelphia’s western suburbs in the “main line”. Those suburbs west of Philadelphia were called the “main line” because of the excellent commuter rail service that was created in the 1950′s. There is no practical reason why the West island couldn’t have such a […]

Secrecy, Wikileaks And The Death Of The Free Internet

The Wikileaks controversy has stirred up old debates about openness, government, corporate secrets and society’s right to information about its institutions. Few writers have acknowledged that the current, free Internet is the foundation, the sina qua non, of the debate. Remarkably, the Internet has survived for 40 years because it is sustainable. It is open. […]