Grow Food With Shelfponics

Shelfponics is a combination of vertical farming and hydroponics. The idea comes from the GardenPool project in Arizona, but Shelfponics does not need a warm climate. Trays and racks could be set-up anywhere inside where sunlight reaches. Source: GardenPool Blog So I was looking at an unused corner of the Garden Pool when I had […]

Green Growth Or No Growth

We face serious environmental and economic challenges. People are looking for answers in a green economic future. Can the Earth support an ever-growing economy? Can we shift to ‘green growth’ for a healthier environment and economy? What would it look like? Four of the world’s top economic experts debate one of the critical questions of […]

Egypt Was Unsustainable And Is Now Collapsing

The revolution in Egypt will probably repeat itself in a half dozen other countries in the near future. And while the usual suspects will be blamed (ruthless leaders, corrupt politicians, social media, people’s desire for freedom), the true cause of these revolts will be due to an unsustainable economy based on excessive debt that produced […]

Holographic Power Structures

The existing power structure on Earth is like a pyramid. All information and secrets are kept by few at the top of the pyramid who then distribute the information downward through the pyramid. Economically, this is known as the “trickle-down” system of the rich giving jobs to the poor. In governments, the military and corporations, […]